We cultivate relationships across the globe — opening up the flow of vision, passion, wisdom, knowledge, experience and resource.​


We gather around tables to listen, learn, encourage and empower — sharing inspired solutions, releasing transformation.


We explore and reveal beauty in the presence of the Creator — receiving blueprints and bringing into being that which did not exist before.​

about us

Noor Global is a non-profit association registered in Canton of Geneva. Inspired by the heritage of Geneva as a city of peace, where nations and peoples convene. We value the historic legacy through men like John Calvin and Henri Dunant - whose spiritual and social reforms continue to impact the world today.

The association is led by the founding couple Bedros and Rebekah Nassanian with a local committee, an international advisory council and a global network of friends and partners committed to the vision and values of Noor Global.

Over the last 12 years the association has organized multiple events and gatherings, hosted training programs and conferences and collaborated with many other organizations in humanitarian efforts across Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

The first public event commemorated the centenary of Henri Dunant, at the Alabama Hall. The largest public event was the 500th anniversary of the Reformation at Parc des Bastions with representation from the city, churches, United Nations and the University of Geneva.